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Games Need More Monster Love

“At its core, monster love is about treating the unknown with curiosity and respect instead of the desire to destroy it in the name of protecting what’s familiar.” Continue reading

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Play Festivals Chapter

The book with my chapter on festivals of games and play finally came out! It was super interesting to do all the interviews, try to figure out what was going on with the festivals, and write about it. The book … Continue reading

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“Play & Energy of the Unknown”

I recently had the chance to write about “energy and play” for The Gradient, an online magazine about alternative perspectives on energy. The process of writing it was a great opportunity to figure out my thoughts on a lot of things, including Awa … Continue reading

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Digital Games & More: Playing at Playpublik

October 3-5 I got to play some games at Playpublik with other game designers from around the world. Playpublik is one of the many new festivals of urban games/street games/digital games/play that have popped up all over the world in … Continue reading

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PS2 Red Alert

I’m afraid I have a fully functioning means of playing PS2 games… Bye bye, spare time. Magna Carta 2 didn’t seem to work, but I think it may just be the copy I have. So that means I’m taking recommendations … Continue reading

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From Berlin, With Play〜

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I moved to Berlin! Now I’m somewhat settled in and am working on the next post, though. If you are in Europe, I’ll be playing games at Playpublik in Krakow October 3-5. Hope … Continue reading

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Indiecade Games on Kickstarter

Some of the cool games I found at Indiecade are/were running on Kickstarter! Wish I’d gotten a chance to post about Katacomb Kids before it reached its deadline, but looks like they didn’t need my help: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fourbitfriday/catacomb-kids-a-very-roguelike-platformer Looking forward to … Continue reading

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