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Love on the Battlefield: Fire Emblem’s “Support” System

Fire Emblem is a series of grid-based, turn-based SRPGs, spanning more than 10 titles from NES to Nintendo 3DS. Each has a lot of playable characters, and, as in many games with large casts like Chrono Cross and Romancing Saga, … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Classics: MP Alternatives

We’ve all played a game or two (or twenty) with this system: each character has a finite amount of MP used for spells, more powerful ones cost more MP, and if your MP runs out you need items (or “rest”) … Continue reading

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Romancing SaGa Character Design

Well, well, well, I’m delighted to see how many people liked the Romancing SaGa post. The Gamasutra edition got a lot of retweets and my pageviews suddenly skyrocketed. Seems like coverage of underrated gems and analysis of what makes them … Continue reading

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Shadow of the Ninja. NES, 1990

Shadow of the Ninja (“Blue Shadow” in Europe and “Yami no Shigotonin KAGE” in Japan) was developed and published by Natsume in 1990 for the NES. Worldview: Being a ninja Theme: Infiltration of a cyberpunk machine world The worldview may … Continue reading

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Into Shadow…

I feel like I keep calling games “cute” and “colorful” in most of these posts… So I’m gonna try to make sure to cover some games that aren’t cute or colorful. Next will be Shadow of the Ninja for the … Continue reading

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The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy. NES, 1991

Fantastic Dizzy/The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (depends on your region- I’ll call it Dizzy) was developed by Codemasters and released for the NES in 1991. WORLDVIEW: The joy of discovering and collecting items. THEME: Strolling through an a bright & … Continue reading

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