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Five Fantastic Unknown RPGs

If you like underrated, flawed-yet-classic, diamond-in-the-rough, hidden treasure RPGS then I’ve got some sweet, sweet news for you. I’m always scouring the playfield for imaginative and inventive gems, and these are a few you should know about. 1. Magic PenGel … Continue reading

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Love on the Battlefield: Fire Emblem’s “Support” System

Fire Emblem is a series of grid-based, turn-based SRPGs, spanning more than 10 titles from NES to Nintendo 3DS. Each has a lot of playable characters, and, as in many games with large casts like Chrono Cross and Romancing Saga, … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Classics: Rethinking Magic

Most RPGs use “fire-ice-lightning” or “fire-ice-wind-earth” elemental systems of magic, where fire is strong against ice and vice versa, ice spells freeze/slow enemies, etc. Offhand can you think of any RPG where the first offensive spell you learn is NOT … Continue reading

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Summoner: A Goddess Reborn. GameCube, 2003

“Summoner: A Goddess Reborn” was the 2003 Gamecube re-release of “Summoner 2” for Playstation 2. It was developed by Volition and Cranky Pants Games, and published by THQ. WORLDVIEW: Brute-forcing your way through a mysterious world of intrigue. Many action … Continue reading

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