Next Big Article…

Hey, so the regular posts might go on break for a minute while I’m busy… but this is NOT a death knell for the blog! Because what I am busy with is a big article along the lines of the sekaikan one.

I don’t wanna give anything away, but let’s just say I’ve been conducted some exciting Skype interviews with 15 or so people all over the world. Heh, heh, heh.

Also, I wanted to congratulate myself on the 1.5 / 2 year anniversary of the blog – I’ve kept up the post-a-month schedule and scored a cool 10,000 views.

I started out with the “Worldview Analysis” (sekaikan) posts, and then tried the “Lessons From the Classics” posts where I look at how older games deal with on-going RPG issues (leveling, magic, and MP). Those posts seemed really popular (the main source of the 10,000 views), and I’ve run out of good sekaikan games to analyze (except for Harvest Moon 64, my dearest treasure that I’ve been holding off on), so expect more in the future!

There was also a third type of most, kind of like a mix of both, where I look at a single mechanic in a game and why it works. Only one of these so far, about “Support” in Fire Emblem…but that was fun and I’d like to do more.

As always, please recommend any games you think I’d like or that you just like a lot! Thanks for reading.

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