Romancing SaGa Character Design

Well, well, well, I’m delighted to see how many people liked the Romancing SaGa post. The Gamasutra edition got a lot of retweets and my pageviews suddenly skyrocketed. Seems like coverage of underrated gems and analysis of what makes them fun is a popular topic. So I’m thinking I’ll do a similar post for the Ogre Series (Ogre Battle/Tactics), or Harvest Moon (possibly most prolific series ever??).

Also, I forgot to share the wonderful concept art and character design for Romancing SaGa done by Tomomi Kobayashi.

Here’s my favorites from Romancing SaGa 2, where you play as multiple generations of emperors and choose the class of your emperor as each new generation begins. So any character class you come across could later become your “main character,” the emperor, or just be recruited as one of five party members at any time. Really original and fun (but has never been fully translated into English).






Some of her drawings are a little too airy and whimsical for me, but I enjoyed these. Check out her work from the other SaGas if you did, too!

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One Response to Romancing SaGa Character Design

  1. wzackw says:

    Spookily enough, this is my 25th post on the blog AND this year is the 25th anniversary of the Romancing SaGa Series. Coincidence?!

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