Trying out New Types of Posts

I have a few ideas for new approaches I want to try on the blog besides the world-breakdown model I’ve been using. It should free me up to highlight some specific aspects of games and their worlds.

One is to focus on how to improve a single mechanic that appears in one or more games. Kinda like open-brainstorming about fun new twists on old mechanics.

Another is to do an overview of a whole series of games at once to see what common threads there are between their worlds and approaches to worldbuilding- what worked well and what didn’t (Romancing Saga for example).

Romancing Saga 3 on SNES

Romancing Saga on PS2

I’m still planning to do the old format sometimes, just wanna mix things up for variety. As always let me know what you think so I can keep things fresh and interesting!

On a side note, I haven’t had time to play much lately besides Nethergate (and that was awhile ago), but I did play some “Super Mario 3D World Wii U.” Both it and “New Super Mario Brothers Wii” are incredibly fresh and amusing throughout. They quickly turn into a slapstick series of trial and error and laughs when played with a friend (which is the only way I played), and I was pretty blown away by both from beginning to end.

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