Into Shadow…

I feel like I keep calling games “cute” and “colorful” in most of these posts… So I’m gonna try to make sure to cover some games that aren’t cute or colorful.

Next will be Shadow of the Ninja for the NES. It’s a platformer, like Dizzy and Kirby, but not colorful OR cute… Just cyberpunk-ninja-platforming fun.

On a side note, it’s taken 20 years, but I think I have finally exhausted all SNES and PS1 RPGs. I need a new console to play some modern games and continue my research… but if you have any obscure old school recommendations, let me know. I especially like SRPGs like Front Mission, Fire Emblem, FF Tactics, etc. 😀

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10 Responses to Into Shadow…

  1. François P says:

    If you dig SRPGs and skipped the Nintendo 64, “Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber” has a lot going for it; the composers who worked on it also worked on the likes of FF Tactics and Odin Sphere, so you know at least the music is going to be generally spectacular. It’s on Wii Virtual Console as well, if that’s at all an option.

    • Pai says:

      Tactics Ogre for SNES has a fan-patch for English and is a relatively easy ROM to find. It was never released in the U.S.

      • Pai says:

        Also, have you played ‘Kartia: The Word of Fate’?

      • wzackw says:

        Wow, that’s crazy that you mention Kartia, since that is what I have been playing lately! I love seeing the character portraits, but battle is a bit clunky. Actually, it was discovering and playing Kartia that made me think “This has got to be the last undiscovered gem out there among PS1 and SNES games- there can’t possibly be another!” Haha.

      • wzackw says:

        I starting playing Tactics Ogre last year, and just played a round last night! It’s like you’re psychic! Never finished that either, mainly because it is so punishing with permadeath and high difficulty. But I love the basic gameplay. And I’m playing it in Japanese for practice.

      • Pai says:

        How about Saiyuki: Journey West? (PS1)

        Those are all the obscure RPGs I can think of, though. ^_^;

      • wzackw says:

        Just played it! Got to the second half of the final boss and was way too weak to survive. So I think I’ll never beat it but it was really fun!

    • wzackw says:

      I love all Ogre Battles, and Lordly Caliber is one of the few games I have actually played all the way through. It was fun. I need to check out Odin Sphere, though!

  2. I wouldn’t recommend Stella Deus, but it’s solid. There’s also Hoshigami, uh, I definitely second Ogre Battle! The PSP port is really great.

    • wzackw says:

      I played Stella Deus for the unique character designs, but the battle system didn’t hold my interest long enough to finish. I haven’t heard of Hoshigami though- I’ll check that out!

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