Next Up

I’m still aiming for one new post a month, and December’s is coming soon. Next up is Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Wii. I’ve been wanting to cover it for awhile because it is really incredible in that it never ceases to provide delightful surprises and novelty the whole way through. Also, just wanted to let you know the blog is still functional and alive.

Lately I’ve been playing/researching Saiyuki: Journey West, a virtually unknown grid-based strategy RPG (my favorite genre) for PS1. It’s based on the Chinese classic “Journey to the West” and is unique and interesting in a lot of ways, especially if you’ve read the books. The characters are really fun, too, and that’s always a big plus to me.

Son Goku, the lovable and hot-tempered Monkey King

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2 Responses to Next Up

  1. niahak says:

    Oh wow! I love Saiyuki. It’s such a blissful game – easy on the eyes, beautiful sprite-work, generally low-key music! In the tactical RPG genre that’s often high-stress for me, I find it’s a breath of fresh air to find one so stylistically “even-tempered”, if that makes sense.

    • wzackw says:

      I think I do know what you mean! It’s low-key, smooth, and delightful. The reviews I read seemed to agree that it is just your average tactical RPG with an interesting Chinese fantasy theme, but I think it is different in a lot of refreshing ways.

      For one, the small map sizes. I like that you can engage the enemy in one or at most two turns, instead of spending multiple turns just getting to the enemy (Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.), during which time the farther-moving characters get to the enemy too early to do anything alone, while the less mobile characters get left in the dust.

      The magic/element system and Were system are also a lot of fun, plus the rare but IMHO great way of dealing with weapons- just upgrading the same one throughout the game instead of constantly buying new ones (only other game I’ve ever seen this in is Dual Orb 2). I’ll have to write a post on Saiyuki sometime 🙂

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