Indiecade Highlights

Here are the games that stood out for me at Indiecade 2013 in OA.

Killer Queen: This 10-player (!!!) arcade game pits two 5-player teams against each other on opposite sides of an arcade machine. Its bizarre graphics (little bear/thief characters, a slug you can ride, transformation coffin/statue things, etc.) , the single shared screen for gameplay, and low pixel count make it feel like some unknown gem from 20+ years ago, kind of like Joust + Altered Beast (but way more fun than Altered Beast).

Katacomb Kids: I usually don’t go for procedurally-generated rogue-like games, but the visual style and RPG elements (classes and special abilities you can select) did a lot for me. Plus, it has a “versus” mode, the likes of which I’ve never seen. I played with the creator, who also happened to be a really nice guy, and it was a blast!

These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs: Alright, this one is not a video game or the kind of game I usually talk about on this blog, but it’s a card game that inspires the players to make connections between previously unrelated objects (ie to be creative). Kind of like “Apples to Apples,” but a lot more creative and challenging, while still very simple.

Met so many people and played many more fun games- big thanks to everyone out at Indiecade!

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