What I’m playing now: Breath of Fire 4


I’m working on posts about Summoner: Goddess Reborn (Gamecube, 2003) and PixelJunk Monsters Online (Facebook app, 2011), but just wanted to briefly mention another game I’ve been playing (which I’ll have to post about someday), Breath of Fire 4 (Playstation, 2000).

I always wondered, “what if modern-day-size teams and budgets put the kind of effort into 2D graphics that they put into 3D graphics on AAA titles?” And, with Breath of Fire 4, I found out.

It IS over 10 years old, but the animations are stunning- smooth, crisp, expressive, and just… luxurious. Battle never gets old simply because I get to watch the characters’ battle animations. Even the enemies get multiple, fully-animated actions. It’s incredible.

And character and creature designs across the board are imaginative, colorful, and fresh. (At the top of this post are the designs for the “dragon avatars” that appear in the game). Highly recommended for these and other reasons.

Anyway, another full post coming soon.

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6 Responses to What I’m playing now: Breath of Fire 4

  1. Pai says:

    Breath of Fire is one of my favorite series, with 4 being my most favorite of them all. The music, art direction and sprites were all top notch. The fishing was pretty great too. 😉

    • wzackw says:

      It is an improvement over BoF3 in every way and is pretty amazing, although I do love and miss Momo and Peco :).
      Thanks for linking to Game Make World in your blogroll by the way!

      • Pai says:

        Yeah, BoF3 was just ok, imo.

        Did you play 1 and 2, as well? I read an interesting fan theory years ago of how BoF1-4 were actually a time loop, with the events of 4 coming before 1 (I never played 5 so not sure if/how that would fit into the timeline). One piece of evidence that was cited was how there is a vast mud sea in 4, which was theorized to have been created from the huge desert in 3. If not an actual time loop per se, then there seems to be a theme of ‘history repeats itself’ in the series.

        Momo is actually a Master in BoF4, though she seems to be fairly confused as to where she is. Perhaps one of her experiments backfired and sent her into the future or something. 😉

  2. wzackw says:

    Yea I found Momo as a master. Actually when I found her I felt sad that she was transported out of her world and trapped in another, to tell the truth, haha.

    I did play 2 and most of 1, but I assumed they were all parallel universes or something. I didn’t think there was multiple winged princesses of Wyndia named Nina throughout one world’s history, etc. (You would think they’d figure out about mysterious blue-haired guys named Ryu actually being dragons after the third or fourth time.)

    I’ve never played 5, and I am kinda scared to play the new one they just announced that is going to be an online mobile game.

    • Pai says:

      Oh, I didn’t know they were making a new one. Really, a mobile game? Meh.

      In 3 there is a mural depicting the final boss fight from BoF1, so there’s a direct connection there, for sure. Deathevn in 2 was born from the defeat of Myria in 1, as well. Can’t really reference my ideas of how 4 ties in without spoilers so I’ll hold off. 😉

      • wzackw says:

        No spoilers please! Haha.

        I beat 2 and got the bad ending :(. I never beat 1 or 3, but I’m going to beat 4 soon (in the last chapter now). I’ll have to look into the things you mentioned and brush up on my BoF history!

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