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"The Magic School" in Paladin's Quest for the SNES

“The Magic School” in Paladin’s Quest for the SNES

Inspired by “What Games Are” and my soon-to-be-published article on Gamasutra about “sekaikan” and the way Japanese video game developers craft games’ worlds, I decided to try launching my own blog. Like Tadhg Kelly of What Games Are, I believe that game developers are essentially world-makers. Yet there doesn’t seem to be much discussion of the ways that games succeed or fail in creating a world. Analysis and discussion focuses on traditional (yet vague and inappropriate) categories like “story” and “gameplay,” instead on the most important part of games- the world.

So, in this blog I’ll look at how individual games go about about creating a world, what and what doesn’t, in as concrete and practical terms as possible. I know I’m not the most experienced game developer out there, but no one else is doing this as far as I know, so I hope I can at least start some discussion.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Game Make World

  1. wylliamjudd says:

    I think that story and gameplay are two of the most powerful tools for expressing a game’s world.

    • wzackw says:

      They are powerful tools, but I think all the other elements that go into a game are just as important for creating the game’s world.

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