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Borderlands. PC/OSX/XBOX360/PS3, 2009

For the second post I want to talk about a game at the other end of the spectrum from Paladin’s Quest/Lennus, which I thought also did a great job with its worldview. Borderlands was developed by Gearbox Software using a … Continue reading

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Paladin’s Quest (Lennus). Super Nintendo, 1992

For the first official post I’ll focus on Paladin’s Quest (AKA “Lennus: Memory of the Ancient Machine”) for the SNES, developed by Copya Systems, directed by Hidenori Shibao, and published in 1992 in Japan (1993 in the US). Paladin’s Quest … Continue reading

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How to Go About It

Alright, so in each post I’ll look at five world-building elements: Rules & Goals (what you can do, and what happens when you do stuff) Controls (how you manually interact with the game) Visuals (graphics, animations, menus) Sound (music, sound … Continue reading

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Welcome to Game Make World

Inspired by “What Games Are” and my soon-to-be-published article on Gamasutra about “sekaikan” and the way Japanese video game developers craft games’ worlds, I decided to try launching my own blog. Like Tadhg Kelly of What Games Are, I believe … Continue reading

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